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Martin Lethert

Productsup offers an innovative, easy-to-use platform to help you manage and enhance your data feeds and simplify product content integration. It empowers the business user to assess channel readiness, transform, optimize and distribute high quality content to thousands of online marketing channels, data pools, marketplaces & marketing channels, like, Google Shopping, and many more. 

Enhance your data
within seconds

Our analysis feature scans each and every product in your feed to identify warnings, critical errors and improvement potential. It automatically suggests suitable changes, which you can apply with just a single click.

A/B test your feed to evaluate the impact of changes and to identify the best performing version.

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Automatically integrate product data from any source

Regardless of the source, size or format of your product data, Productsup lets you easily import and merge it.

Our one-of-a-kind Dataflow automatically maps your product attributes to the feed columns of your selected export destination.

Easily customize and automate the process with drag-and-drop logic and a visual interface.

Distribute your feeds to unlimited channels

Productsup supports more than 1,500 integrations through direct APIs and bridges through Partners.

Each export can be customized entirely according to your own needs.

If there is a channel you want to use but don’t see listed on the platform, simply let us know and we will add it for you.

Automate Tracking & ROI Management

Measure the performance of each of your products across the various channels you export to.

See which products or channels are underperforming and define automatic export rules to manage your ROI. 

Create dynamic images & videos for all products

Turn your all of your product images into eye-catching visual assets or transform your entire product catalog into compelling video ads.

With our Image Designer, you can create customized image templates for your entire feed, using forms, images and text, as well as individual product attributes from your feed.

Automated category mapping

Automatically assign the correct channel category for every individual product in your feed.

Automated field mapping

Automatically integrate and map any product attribute to the relevant channel field with a single click.

Website data crawler

Create or enrich your feed by retrieving the source code of product detail pages on your website.

Unique ID generator

Save time by only including new or updated products in your export instead of processing the entire feed.

Category translation

Save time by only including new or updated products in your export instead of processing the entire feed.

200+ ways to edit your data

Cleanse, update and optimize your feed with a wide selection of predefined rule boxes.

Channel API Integration

Ensure your marketing & sales channels are always stocked with your most up-to-date product information.

GTIN analysis

Identify products that are missing or have broken GTINs – then remove them with just a click.

Delta uploads

Save time by only including new or updated products in your export instead of processing the entire feed.

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Martin Lethert

Powerful product feed management for ambitious marketers

Productsup offers you the most efficient tools to...

  • Get your products on any ecommerce channel in no time
  • Create & customize product catalogs without help from IT
  • Sell products quicker and with less efforts
  • Scale your ecommerce reach with full agility

... all in one place. No coding required.

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Productsup is trusted by over 2000 marketers worldwide 

"We need to make feed changes on a daily basis. With Productsup this is quite easy to do. You can just drag & drop, connect the dots and transform the perfect feed based on certain rules. This is really intuitive and very helpful for us."

Tobias Schmidt,
Display Performance Marketing

"Productsup takes the work away from the tech team and brings it into the marketing team where we can very easily create feeds and advertisement in the way that really works for our consumers."

Emma Seakins, 
Senior Search & Performance Marketing 


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